Redesigning and reclaiming physical space for learning: Higher Education

Granted, I should be thinking about the upcoming trip tomorrow to Tanzania for eLearning Africa and some workshops in the area (no, I haven’t packed), but a running conversation with a good friend has my head spinning a bit on the role of physical space in higher education. As a proud online learner and someone […]

Open Badges and the Impact of Potential Employees

Based on some feedback I am getting on this post on Open Badges and Rewarding Learning Online, I got to thinking a bit more on how this could be expanded/revisited to suit the professional sector. Quick review: Open Badges is a Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University project for awarding badges (like a Facebook or […]

Data Visualizations for Twitter & Facebook, Nostalgia and More

The above are a series of data visualizations for my Twitter account showing some of the types of traffic that one can expect there. I find Twitter especially useful for listening, hearing that back chatter that sometimes revolves around a subject. Sometimes you connect here as opposed to other place and it can be quite […]