Students and schools: imports, exports, and some flattening of context

Kenya data

Reposting this here from the original post for Panoply Digital. Returning to a favorite (re: only) theme of mine, education, I was struck recently by the uptick in the number of foreign universities setting up branch campuses in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and presumably throughout the continent, ideally bolstering domestic capacity for graduates who can push […]

Geocommons: African Mobile Money and Higher Education visualized

This post is really about demonstrating Geocommons, a nifty tool for visualizing and mapping large datasets. In this instance, I was merely playing around with the datasets that are already preloaded there, but I suspect it would work equally well with data you would personally load. In this case I am visualizing higher education and […]

Scholarship in developing nations: INASP

Further to my previous post about the difficulties encountered by many researchers in developing nations, I feel it is necessary that the situation is not all that bleak. In fact, I do sense some momentum in improving this situation. The way I see it from my limited perspective is that the challenges facing developing nations […]