Maps, Remixes, and Artifacts from eLearning at University of Edinburgh

Manifesto Online

Just a short post for the day outlining some work by a colleague of mine from the University of Edinburgh looking at some important considerations about elearning, both from a teaching and learning perspective. Manifesto for Teaching Online Remix James Lamb recently remixed a video for a university of Edinburgh production of A Manifesto for […]

AoIR Conference Presentation on Edinspace: the geographies of education on the internet

We (as in the other team members as I managed to get lost on the way to the conference center) presented our Edinspace project at the recent Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Conference in Salford, UK. The presentation dealt with the geographies of online learning, how learners situated themselves in reference to the university, and […]

Technology as Stabilizing Dynamic: Mobility, Motion, Music, and My Bike

Bike ride in Princeton on the D&R Canal Trail

Preamble Once again with the significant preamble, but this post needs a bit of context. I have mentioned before (ad nauseum) that I am working on a few different projects and a few different courses simultaneously at the moment, all with significantly divergent agendas. However, my participation in all these is starting to congeal some […]