Zamani Project: Documenting African Cultural Heritage

The┬áZamani Project is an attempt to capture the spatial domain of heritage, with a current focus on African heritage, by accurately recording its physical and architectural nature and dimensions. Sites are seen in the context of their physical environment and landscapes surrounding sites are documented based on satellite and aerial imagery, wherever possible. The documentation […]

African Cultural Heritage: Lalibela, Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe, Timbuktu, and Elmina

These are images taken mostly by Dr. Heinz Ruther of the University of Cape Town’s Department of Geomatics currently available here. If you prefer the Flickr slideshow, click here. These images document cultural heritage sites throughout Africa, including Lalibela in Ethiopia, Kilwa Kisiwani in Tanzania, Great Zimbabwe in (not surprisingly) Zimbabwe, Elmina Castle in Ghana, […]

Archaeology Materials from Aksum (Axum), Ethiopia: A short video of digital materials

This is a video I made late in 2008 that highlights some of the archaeological materials found here. Included are some explorations of the site of Aksum in Ethiopia with materials such as GIS, 3D models, text, photographs, and other spatial data. The contributors of these materials include British Institute in Eastern Africa, Axum Archive […]