Expat simultaneity of place: 2+ geographies, 2 conflicting emotions

Visualizing cognitive capacity

Here/There I was having a nice email exchange with a fellow expat friend who I know from Korea, but had recently visited London along with his wife. We met, talked, had a pint, and then they left. He was returning to Korea to head back to work and was muddling through the particular expat sensation […]

Elearning & (Virtual) Geography: Space Matters

[wpvideo dyzZcjM2] This video is a first draft of my take on how and why geography, virtual or otherwise, still matters in elearning. This clumsily alludes to the sense of boundary/border crossings, imagination, and playfulness found in elearning, all elements of a sound pedagogy for online learning. I think we often devalue imagination in this […]

Zamani Project: Documenting African Cultural Heritage

The┬áZamani Project is an attempt to capture the spatial domain of heritage, with a current focus on African heritage, by accurately recording its physical and architectural nature and dimensions. Sites are seen in the context of their physical environment and landscapes surrounding sites are documented based on satellite and aerial imagery, wherever possible. The documentation […]