Russell Square, London and a big airplane: perspective shift

Being as intrigued as I am by the magical powers of (shifting) perspective in reorganizing thought, I bring you today something that actually startled me as I was using Google Maps’ Satellite View to look for a particular address. I was roaming around the University of London (in Google Maps) looking for a particular address […]

Historypin: Lots of Hyun, Seo; less Gallagher

I love Historypin, the idea, the execution (generally). I hope it gains steam and becomes the location of first contact for people with historical treasures buried away in their family photo albums. There are real stories to tell historically and ethnographicaly, but the first task is to get these on map with some fairly reliable […]

Arcade Fire and Multimodality

[youtube][/youtube] This is the new interactive video from Arcade Fire for their song “We Used To Wait.” It was designed by a Chris Bell and can be found at The Wilderness Downtown. It uses Google Chrome, a mixture of text, windows, audio, video, and Google Maps to offer a spatial effect to customize the viewing […]