mLearning in Korean Higher Education: Open Questions and Informal/Formal Oscillation

Seoul (Keijo) during the Japanese Occupation (1910-1945)

Building on two of my most recent posts discussing mobile learning in Korean higher education and categorizing some of that mobile activity according to transactional distance and socialized/individualized activity, I come to you today with a post about the process of coming to know via mobile technology in Korea and how that coming to know […]

Memory, Reflection, Methods of Selection: MLearning Field Activity

Ku Sang, Korean poet, and mlearning

I was putting together a presentation I am going to be doing relatively soon on mobile learning designed specifically to set up a field activity and I thought it might be useful for at least a few of the teachers out there to outline how I think a mlearning activity might unfold. Pragmatically. So I […]

Need for guides in open learning: Virgil and Fitzgerald as instructional facilitation

I think it is important to think holistically about the field of elearning, mlearning, and open learning (particularly of the massive variety) as it undergoes significant evolution. I am not talking specifically about the market forces, the economic realities, the affordances, etc. of these shifts and how the effect education in general; there are certainly […]

Timbuktu Manuscripts as Artifacts

This is a post a bit outside the norm for this blog, so apologies. I have just been processing the devastating initial reports about the burning of many of the Timbuktu manuscripts by the departing troops ahead of the Malian/French retaking of the town. I have also read some reports that mention that quick-thinking locals […]