Motivations for Research Change: the Korean context

Korean Humanities

As a result of my successful upgrade at the Institute of Education, the feedback I received from my upgraders and advisors, and the results and adjustments from my pilot study, I have been rewriting a bit of my thesis. A lot of the rewrites have been to the introductory bits as I try and establish […]

Ebook now available on Mobile Learning in the Humanities

Ebook on Mobile Learning This ebook on mobile learning field activities in the humanities is now available via Amazon. To go to the product page, please click the image below. This will direct you to the US store, but it is available through Amazon in the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, India (and […]

Ebook on Mobile Learning: Chapters, Content, and Final Formatting

Korean Market remixed

My illustrator sister and I are put the finishing touches on my ebook on mobile learning in the Humanities. A final review will take place on Monday and I will be uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Tuesday. According to the information on the KDP website, it will be set to appear 12 hours […]