Digital education work and urban resilience

I am typing this out from Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi reflecting on the past week spent with the good people of UN Habitat, specifically those associated with the CityRAP tool. The CityRAP tool trains city managers and municipal technicians in small to intermediate sized cities in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to understand and plan actions […]

SDGs accelerating mobility and massification in (higher) education

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital. A few caveats at the onset here. This reads a bit more like an academic piece which it largely is. It is drawn from something larger I wrote a bit ago for another paper. It might also read like an attack on the SDGs, which is not my point. […]

Surfacing Local Practice, Placelessness, And Digital Education

This was originally posted at Panoply Digital. I try to let my ICT4D work feed into my academic work and vice versa and this is a case where my research is directly informed by my work at Panoply. I am part of the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh and […]

Mobile Mentoring in Teacher Training: Ideas, Project, and Further Development

This post was originally published at Panoply Digital. I have been working a bit recently with colleagues in Finland, Nigeria, and Nepal on developing a more robust teacher training curriculum for delivery in low resource environments primarily through mobile. There is activity in this space so this isn’t a novel idea, but I’d rather be […]

Students and schools: imports, exports, and some flattening of context

Kenya data

Reposting this here from the original post for Panoply Digital. Returning to a favorite (re: only) theme of mine, education, I was struck recently by the uptick in the number of foreign universities setting up branch campuses in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and presumably throughout the continent, ideally bolstering domestic capacity for graduates who can push […]

Research in Emergency Aftershock Response (REAR) Literature Review: Disaster Response, Gender, Resilience, and Appropriate Technology Use

I have been working the last six months or so on a NERC funded project at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh titled REAR (Research in Emergency Aftershock Response). It is an interdisciplinary (geosciences, data science. infomatics, cultural influences, digital education, humanities) and inter-organisational (Edinburgh, Leeds Beckett, Ulster, Plymouth […]