Defining mobile learning: my take

I was just in the process of submitting my upgrading document to officially transition to a PhD student at the Institute of Education and realized that some of what I was writing for my thesis might have broader appeal so I am posting a bit of it here. If you have read any literature on […]

Mobile Learning, Non-Linearity, Meaning-Making

Mashing a Lower East Side tenement with a working family: possible use case for augmented reality

I have been reading and rereading material for my thesis and this reading generally falls into the following categories Community of Practice (theory) Multimodality (theory) Mobile Learning (theory and application I won’t rehash the purpose of the thesis itself, but generally the reading I do for it falls into these categories. So it is with […]

Mapping out multimodal methods for mobile (and alliterating, apparently)

Thesis ephemera

Community and Multimodality: Laying out a Disciplinary Flow I am making my way through the first few rounds of rewrites on my thesis and all is going well. As I wrote before, there has been significant shift in my focus and it now rests squarely in the Humanities practices of Korean higher education, specifically Seoul […]

Euston Station and Kings Cross Station, London: Sounds of transit and motion

Kings Cross Station, London

Sound and Train Stations: Space and Context I recorded a few more Audioboo posts on my recent travels to Manchester and Cambridge, respectively. I am kicking myself for not recording the train stations of Cambridge and Manchester Piccadilly themselves as the sounds there were completely different than in the beautiful behemoths of Euston and Kings Cross. I am […]

Research Construction for MLearning in the Humanities: Serving Two Masters

Institute of Education, University of London: October 2012

So, things are proceeding (relatively) nicely at the Institute of Education as I push through the first round of courses, meetings, administrative duties, and supervisory consultations. Some of these are proceeding as expected (particularly the supervisory relationships), some I look at quizzically as they seem rooted in another (far less urgent) time, and some seem fine for […]

Context Creation: Supremacy of Text also makes it predictable

[youtube][/youtube] As we push through our conversations on representation, transliteracy, the dominance of text (as moral authority) and how all of that is wrapped up in political, social, and economic power structures, I am again drawn to the notion of patter recognition and how that can be used to great effect. Essentially, language is a […]

Kress and Moral Authority: A Latent Quest for Completeness

I had tweeted this earlier in the week, but it still buzzing around my head and I do not feel content to let it go just yet. This is from Kress’s “Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learning” and speaks to the scope of representation, what it means and how it permeates […]