Memory and the Learning of Emotional Intelligence

Gyeongbokkung, Seoul, Korea

This is a somewhat personal post, or at least I am using personal experiences to make a larger case about the learning of emotional intelligence, or even maturity, as an exercise in perpetual reflection. Whether or not this type of learning ever makes it on to a formal curriculum or is encapsulated by a formal […]

Digital Humanities-esque approach for Learning Sciences

Mosaic of ma femme

I stumbled across someone on the Twitter stream from the MSc in Elearning course at the University of Edinburgh (#mscel) who had asked the question: @Soc_Imagination: The phrase ‘digital humanities’ comes up on my twitter multiple times a day. Is there a social sc equivalent Excellent question and I immediately jumped to how the tenets […]

Open Badges and the Impact of Potential Employees

Based on some feedback I am getting on this post on Open Badges and Rewarding Learning Online, I got to thinking a bit more on how this could be expanded/revisited to suit the professional sector. Quick review: Open Badges is a Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University project for awarding badges (like a Facebook or […]