Geography and Learning: Closing the circuit

East Hamptons, Montauk, Long Island: February 2011

I think this post will reveal both my penchant for cliches and my optimism, but so it goes. I just returned from a trip to the Hamptons and I was able to make my way to the beach and Lighthouse at Montauk. For those of you unfamiliar with American geography, Montauk is a far as […]

A Virtual Graduation, Long Island, Ann Arbor and Motion

University of Edinburgh Virtual Graduation 11.26.2009

Wrapping up my time here in Roslyn, New York out on the Long Island and have enjoyed it. We have eaten quite well, which is always nice, but it is time to head back to Princeton and home. I attended a virtual graduation in Second Life for the University of Edinburgh and I believe it […]

My Morning Jacket is never this intense

Generally, my morning jacket is an old t-shirt and a fleece and shorts. Nothing like this, much to my chagrin. Either way, it is a good version of a good song at a time when I am trying to make things good. [youtube=] I am heading to Long Island tomorrow, to the home of Jay […]

Oyster Bay in sight and sound (I think)

The above image is from the edge of Teddy Roosevelt’s estate in Sagamore Hill overlooking Oyster Bay. It was taken in September, 2006 after Jen and I had just returned from Korea. I just returned to this same spot yesterday. In keeping with the image, I have included a wonderful sparse track from a band […]

Long Island, Jay Gatzby, Siddhartha and Family

I am finishing up a weekend in Roslyn Harbor, Long Island, with my wife, father and brother in-law. It has been a surprisingly refreshing weekend full of muted adventure, understated warmth and a subtle satisfaction. In other words, it was a surprise that I enjoyed it this much. Roslyn Harbor is adjacent to many areas […]