Notes for our Mobile Learning in the Open paper at Networked Learning 2014

Pekka and I recently presented at Networked Learning Conference 2014 in Edinburgh. The paper is titled Mobile Learning Field Activities: a Pedagogy of Simultaneity to Support Learning in the Open. Our goal in this and subsequent papers is to make the case for generating new or altered pedagogies to support instruction in the open places […]

Mobile learning and walks through Edinburgh

I am here in Edinburgh as part of the Networked Learning Conference, presenting a paper on mobile learning field activities with Pekka. That presentation takes place later on today. Yesterday was spent with friends and colleagues James Lamb, Jeremy Knox, and Philippa Sheail wandering around Edinburgh doing a sort of makeshift walking tour/field activity. I won’t go into […]

Networked Learning Presentation: Pedagogy for Simultaneity

Pekka and I are just finishing up our presentation ahead of the Networked Learning Conference 2014 in Edinburgh. I just wanted to share it here along with our actual paper. The title of our presentation is Pedagogy of Simultaneity and Learning in the Open. The gist of our presentation is that there is a heady mix […]