Augmented synchronicity and getting translated in China

Beijing, China: October 2011

That title actually addresses the fact that this post is about two different things, so apologies if that was misleading. I have just been doing several, slightly disparate activities over the last few weeks that have spurred some thinking in some completely unrelated areas. Granted, I am stretched a little thin, but at least it […]

James Brown and the Original Video Tutorial

For lack of a better term, this is incredible. ┬áIs this not the greatest tutorial video ever produced? It gives a great indication of an artist who knows his audience, knows his appeal, and knows exactly what they want to extract from him. His James Brown-iness. It goes right at the heart and doesn’t let […]

Science Online London 2010

This barely qualifies as a post, but I am intrigued by how science types are disseminating their research. From what I can gather, this crowd prizes the cohesiveness of their network and relies on peer-evaluated material more than most. Also more than most, they greatly rely on their network to assess and distribute findings and […]

Nietzsche, Jason Schwartzman, Mozart and Discord: Teaching philsophy/art online

I have been thinking of the seeming limitations of online learning formats for teaching critical thinking, especially critical thinking as it applied to philsophy or the appreciation of art (as a vehicle for philosophy.) I remember back to undergraduate years taking an upper level course on Nietzsche (feeling both despair and overwhelmed simultaneously.) I took […]