From Donegal to Derry to Philadelphia to Ohio to Seoul: Gallagher genealogy

History is personal. This is a quick narrative of my family’s immigration to America from west of Ireland. This is the product of about 15 minutes worth of online research. This means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it speaks to why we have names, and not numbers attached to our first names. […]

2010 NFAIS Conference in Philadelphia

I will be attending the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) 2010 Conference beginning this weekend in Philadelphia and the lineup is looking like a good one. From a professional and academic standpoint, I am very interested in the concept of establishing measures of information value. What does a valuable piece of digital information […]

The Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia and Joyce’s Ulysses

File this one under “How did I not know this was within striking distance of my home?” I stand in amazement at the number of small, medium, and large museums and archives that dot the East Coast of the United States. They are everywhere and have absolute treasure troves for those who love all things […]

Digital Media for Young Learners: An Event at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia

Tomorrow, I will be heading down to Philadelphia with Rahim Rajan after work for an event hosted by The Digital Media and Learning Initiative entitled The Power of Youth Voice: What Kids Learn When They Create With Digital Media. [googlemaps,-75.170217&spn=0.008306,0.01929&t=h&output=embed&w=425&h=350] It is a public forum presented by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur […]

Michael Gallagher’s Cry for Help Part Three: Landing at Philadelphia

I arrived late last night after a horrendous flight from Charlotte to Philadelphia. On the approach, we received a rather scenic tour of Philadelphia as the Captain mentioned that an indicator light implied that we might not have our wheels all the way down so we pulled up rather suddenly, pulled to the left and […]