Music for writing: Playlist exploring the role of music in academic writing

Music for writing

James Lamb, a friend and colleague from our years on the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh and subsequently from shared projects like Edinspace and¬†Elektronisches Lernen Muzik, has posted recently with an excellent playlist of tracks nominated by students. Introducing Volume 2 of Music for Writing, the product of this exercise that […]

My playlist for post e/mlearning projects: euphoria leading to exhaustion

I am working with a few colleagues from the University of Edinburgh on a project (elernenmuzik) exploring the role of music and sound in elearning. In fact, a recent conversation I had with them at the AoIR Conference in Manchester provided a good chance for us to meet and reminisce into the wee hours of […]

Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”: Mobility as a musical organizing principle

I reserve the right to post on non-mobile-learning topics from time to time, harkening bark to the origin of this blog many many years ago. From time to time, sometimes I just want to post some music. This is Faithless’ “Mass Destruction”, a track that is a bit dated already (while still topical, mentions of […]

Music 3.6.2010: Beirut

I don’t have a lot by way of¬†anecdotal¬†evidence for this particular round of music, but today’s choice is Beirut. Everyone out there might be thinking this post would have been significant in 2005, but I like to let things linger with my music for at least 3 years, almost like a nice Port. Beirut is […]

The Band: Canada, America, Blogging, and Bliss

I don’t claim to know anything about music. I mean I can’t read music, write music, even play music. Although I do a mean air guitar. It took a good session and a good talking to by a good friend to realize that I was even a left-handed guitar player (as a 34 year old […]

Shout Out Louds: Song of the Day for 8.28.2009

Rock on my Swedish friends. The band is Shout Out Louds. The song is Very Loud. I highly recommend it at work to plow through some repetitive task. Brilliant, foot-tapping jibber jabber. Head off to iTunes and get it now. Download it here. Shout Out Louds-Very Loud