Audio sanctuary and online noise: Andre Michelle to the rescue

Sanctuary=a spot carved from noise I have written about this topic of sanctuary quite a bit lately. Sanctuary, at least how I am choosing to define it, is a tranquil spot carved amid all the noise. That isn’t to say that my online life has descended into pure noise, but there are occasions when those […]

Singularity and Education

May 2008 007

I was thinking a bit about my previous post here on the difficulties experienced in certain developing nations when it comes to scholarship. Mostly this is due to access issues with academic resources, but there is this element of time. Having the time to navigate the interface to find the materials, the time necessary to […]

Levy, Contemplation, Friedman, French Taxi Drivers, and Silence

Note: I do apologize for those readers who aren’t interested in this sort of thing, but I would be bringing an occasional post from my University of Edinburgh course blog to this space. Not too many, hopefully. Just the occasional one that seemed interesting after rereading it. Levy’s “Information, Silence and Sanctuary” presents an interesting […]