Cohesion, Evolution, and the Currency of Ideas: From Halley to Jenner to Curiosity

Mosaic of ma femme

I am still on a bit of a future focus and am still, tangentially, building on the ideas from this post and this post. I found myself looking towards history for examples on how societies meet change, the type of change we typically associate with the future (even though it is¬†perpetually¬†the present). How introducing an […]

Social activity around content as % of overall use: Trying to measure impact/value

Disclaimer: I will be revealing in this post the simplistic approach I take to measuring the value of the social media services I run for Plant Science, a botanical service of over 1.5 million type specimens, reference works, art, and other primary sources. I have written about our social media ‘strategy’ before and our use […]

Science Online London 2010

This barely qualifies as a post, but I am intrigued by how science types are disseminating their research. From what I can gather, this crowd prizes the cohesiveness of their network and relies on peer-evaluated material more than most. Also more than most, they greatly rely on their network to assess and distribute findings and […]