mLearning, Social Fabrics, and Depictions of the Future

Mosaics from the Flaneur, New York City

Caveat: mLearning and Depictions of the Future For those who are coming here expecting a different type of writing, perhaps depictions of the future, know that mlearning and these explorations into open learning inform that writing. I had mentioned in that post about how science fiction writers use architectural structure as constants in depicting the […]

Social activity around content as % of overall use: Trying to measure impact/value

Disclaimer: I will be revealing in this post the simplistic approach I take to measuring the value of the social media services I run for Plant Science, a botanical service of over 1.5 million type specimens, reference works, art, and other primary sources. I have written about our social media ‘strategy’ before and our use […]

Taking stock of social media: lessons learned from a botanical database

The last post I wrote on the use of DISQUS for crowdsourcing academic data has led my wandering brain to this one, a post taking stock of close to two years’ worth of effort in social media. What I did do that worked; what I didn’t do that worked. What I did do that didn’t […]

Video: Albert Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey

I rather enjoyed this video, Albert Einstein from Oliver Faulhaber, and thought that you might as well. In the early stages of the video, he is clearly walking through Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey, I am guessing relatively soon after his arrival sometime after 1933.  On a side note, I am using ifttt to […]

#ifttt: using APIs from social media without all the pesky programming parts

Someone posted this on Twitter just a few hours ago and I was intrigued enough to give it a whirl and it has been a lot of fun. ifttt stands for “if this, then that” and basically refers to a simple logic statement/command for linking activities together. What is being linked here are the myriad […]