Digital Education project in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda: Second Year

Our little research cluster of Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria, the University of Dar es Salaam and the State University of Zanzibar in Tanzania, and Makerere University in Uganda (and the University of Edinburgh of course!) have been lucky enough to receive some more funding to continue our work exploring digital education in SSA. Since […]

Digital Education Workshop in Dar es Salaam: Team and Themes

I am posting this as well to the Centre for Research in Digital Education site as well as the cluster’s website once that site is complete. Having just returned from Tanzania and an intensive round of workshops as part of a Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) small grant for theme development, I wanted to take […]

PhD Research Proposal: Full Disclosure

Zanizbar, Tanzania

To make my doctoral experience as transparent as possible for documentation purposes (myself) and to provide a record of my experiences, pitfalls, etc. (for others), I will be posting things like this from time to time. I will try and make these posts easy to spot in case anyone isn’t interested (more than likely by […]

Sauti ya Wakulima Project in Tanzania and Creating Mobile Networks for Academics

I was making preparations for an upcoming MobiMOOC in September as I will be facilitating a week’s worth of the learning and was browsing through the excellent Mobile Active site for more information on different mobile projects that are starting to demonstrate traction in developing nations. I came across many that could be used to […]