Students and schools: imports, exports, and some flattening of context

Kenya data

Reposting this here from the original post for Panoply Digital. Returning to a favorite (re: only) theme of mine, education, I was struck recently by the uptick in the number of foreign universities setting up branch campuses in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and presumably throughout the continent, ideally bolstering domestic capacity for graduates who can push […]

MobiMOOC, open learning/systems, and Communities of Practice

MobiMOOC and UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week This is a quick post mentioning some  of the fantastic work that one of my ablest colleagues, Inge de Waard, is doing. I do my best work through my network and Ignatia is one of the most important nodes in that network. Truly inspiring. She put together a presentation […]

African Cultural Heritage: Lalibela, Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe, Timbuktu, and Elmina

These are images taken mostly by Dr. Heinz Ruther of the University of Cape Town’s Department of Geomatics currently available here. If you prefer the Flickr slideshow, click here. These images document cultural heritage sites throughout Africa, including Lalibela in Ethiopia, Kilwa Kisiwani in Tanzania, Great Zimbabwe in (not surprisingly) Zimbabwe, Elmina Castle in Ghana, […]