2021: podcasts, papers, projects

More and more of my writing is being ported into different online spaces (mostly here) so it has been awhile since I posted here but that isn’t necessarily by design. I like posting here and being reminded of the sixteen years or so I have been posting to this WordPress instance (a brief interlude into […]

Micropatterns, podcasts, and taking a pause

Hope everyone is keeping well. I haven’t posted in a long time as I have been a wee bit busy. It has been fairly full on since mid-March for me so it is good to come up for a breath every so often before taking the next plunge. I suspect like most of us in […]

More transitions online, podcasts, and music

M&M Podcast 2

I am going to share music now and again that I find very helpful for inspiration. I have moved away from that in this blog but there was a lot more of that in its earlier iterations (I started this in some form in 2004). Either way, there are very few musicians that I like […]

M&M Podcast 10: Post-pivot tales of working from home

M&M Podcast 2

Myles Blaney recorded a podcast earlier today, our first since the pandemic began changing the nature of how and where we work, how and where we socialize. In the podcast we discuss working from home, adjustments, and care. We discuss the partnerships that we felt helped us transition as a university. It is meant to […]

Expanding the Teacher Function at the IT Futures Conference

My colleague Markus Breines and I will be speaking today at the IT Futures Conference at the University of Edinburgh on our project exploring the role that automation might potentially serve in teaching at the university. We will be greatly emphasising the need for values-driven participatory processes here in determining if and what that role […]