MobiMOOC Week 3: ICT4D Activities, Presentations, Feedback

In keeping with the intoxicating open and democratic spirit in which Inge de Waard has crafted the MobiMOOC course this year (polling on topics, etc.), I have decided to try and make my week and topic of facilitation for MobiMOOC, ICT4D and M4D, as open and participatory as possible. Inge and I are passionate about […]

Ushahidi and Crowdmapping: A project from #mobimooc

This is a follow up to the previous post about potentially using Ushahidi and Frontline SMS (and maybe some open source CMS, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) for bridging communities of interest in higher education in Africa. I was specifically referring to Plant Science, allowing higher education plant/natural science departments with meager resources (ie, all of them) […]

SMS, higher education, data distribution, and developing nations

This is in keeping with the #MobiMOOC conversations circulating at impressive rates as per the discussions for the course, but I was thinking a bit about a particular thread of identifying user needs specifically for African mobile users and networks of interest; this led me (being a completely self-absorbed individual!) to my own community, the […]

Crowdsourced filters and African MLearning

This is perhaps the shortest TED talk on record. For those of you who follow African threads, you might already know Ushahidi. Basically, Ushahidi is a way to crowdsource crisis information using the common¬†denominator¬†of technology. Namely the technology that is most readily available in Africa: the phone. [youtube=] Ushahidi basically started in response to the […]