Kiva Visualization: 5 years of fluid funding; social interaction, trust

Nothing much by way of explanation, but just a fantastic visualization of Kiva lending and repayment over the last five years (taken from this blog). This was recommended to me by the same friend who took me to the Tenement Museum (the subject of the previous post) the other day, so he is proving himself […]

We Feel Fine: My emotive questions answered (almost)

Jen and I stumbled across a great tool that answers most of what I had requested from my Emotive Earth post, which was essentially an open call for developing a tool that would allow me to monitor, compare, analyze the world’s emotional health through its digital mediums of blogging, social media, etc. This tool is […]

Bell’s Narrative of Political Economy: More Human than Consuming

After reading Bell’s “Storing cyberspace 1: material and symbolic stories” and watching the three segments of the Bendito Machine series, I am beginning to see dystopian worldviews shrouded in the language of political and economic communities. Bell quotes Dodge and Kitchin (2001), when he defines the political economic position of cyberspace as “the relationship between […]

Clair de Lune by Debussy, or patterning sound visually

[youtube][/youtube] I am rather enamored of visualizations, so I suppose I should offer that first as a caveat to the rest of this post. However, this is a particularly good one. Audio visualized. I have been intrigued by The Historiography of Cyberculture chapter by Jonathan Sterne and his critique of cyberculture being erroneously and exclusively […]

Emotive Earth: What I want in my data visualization on Google Earth

If I had tech skills of any sort, I would just go ahead and do this rather than blare it out into the blogosphere for anyone to have, but sharing is caring. So here is my rather simplistic request for a filter/mashup/visualization. I want to be able to do an emotive analysis geographically using Google […]

The Beauty of Data Visualization: a TED talk from David McCandless

This is the man behind one of my favorite blogs in the world, Information is Beautiful, who spends his time visualizing data which transforms the way you perceive the world. No, really. I dare you not to see this and have your worldview altered. The man’s name is David McCandless, a London-based author, writer, and […]