Artifacts vs. products in new media: unfinished and incomplete

I passively accepted the use of the term ‘artifacts’ when referring to knowledge constructions and only now have I paused to think of why I was so accepting of it. Why not use the term ‘products’ or even ‘constructions’ or the increasingly unwieldy “knowledge representations”? Why not ‘writing’ or ‘digital essays’ or any of the […]

Mapping out multimodal methods for mobile (and alliterating, apparently)

Thesis ephemera

Community and Multimodality: Laying out a Disciplinary Flow I am making my way through the first few rounds of rewrites on my thesis and all is going well. As I wrote before, there has been significant shift in my focus and it now rests squarely in the Humanities practices of Korean higher education, specifically Seoul […]

Research Construction for MLearning in the Humanities: Serving Two Masters

Institute of Education, University of London: October 2012

So, things are proceeding (relatively) nicely at the Institute of Education as I push through the first round of courses, meetings, administrative duties, and supervisory consultations. Some of these are proceeding as expected (particularly the supervisory relationships), some I look at¬†quizzically¬†as they seem rooted in another (far less urgent) time, and some seem fine for […]

Zones of Proximal Development, Mobile Learning, and Art

Pushing forward with my #MobiMOOC post for the day as I was intrigued by comments on the Google Group discussion board from Ignatia regarding Vygotsky and “Zones of Proximal Development.” She explained it better so will quote her directly.  Vygotsky had a theory that the in order for learning to happen, the distance between the understanding of […]