Outreach in Africa: Bayero University and University of Ibadan, Nigeria
I originally had the following songs at the end of the post and realized that was just plain rude. Here are the songs I was listening to as I was writing this post, so they are yours as well. Enjoy.

I am in the process of finishing my dissertation so while there is a ton of writing happening in Gallagher land, none of it is appearing here. I am doing some work with historian’s perspectives towards mobile learning and how, nominally, they view mobility as a tacit condition of the profession itself.

Outreach in Africa: Bayero University and University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Outreach conducted in Nigeria at the University of Ibadan in 2010. This image will make more sense in a few paragraphs. This is what our outreach will look like in Tanzania for the most part.

I became relatively enamored of mobility on this project not necessarily as a condition of learning, but as a state of being, mobility as a constant, working with botanists for this project. These folks are always out in the field, always in some sort of field capacity, always doing field work or planning to do field work. Endless motion. Either way, I will post some of the dissertation here when finished.

And speaking of motion, my travel schedule is starting to ramp up quite a bit which might be indicative as a barometer of the growing economy (Gallagher as micro-metaphor of larger macro-economic forces?) or just my restlessness. Either way, I am counting four continents in a two month span, depending on how you view Australia.

  • Tanzania and Zanzibar

Will be there for the eLearning Africa 2011 Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Presumably we will be doing a few workshops in the area on information literacy and digital resources, as well as make a stop over in Zanzibar to meet with content partners from our days on this project. I love everything about eLearning Africa as a conference, full of energy, experimentation, pure pragmatism (at least from the participants, not so much from the vendors). One of the best events I have been lucky enough to attend and ecstatic to be back this year. Also looking forward to meeting with Dr. Niall Winters of the Institute of Education and the London Knowledge Lab, whose work I have been following for quite some time.

  • London and Edinburgh

Actually, this was a trip that hinges on the completion of that dissertation mentioned before. I will be heading to London and Edinburgh ostensibly for graduation from the University of Edinburgh, but have managed to fit in at least four meetings for JSTOR Plant Science in the mix there with such botanical luminaries as Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Natural History Museum; and Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.  A few days in London, a few in Edinburgh, old friends, new friends, colleagues, meetings, and frivolity. Sounds ideal.

  • Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is for the International Botanic Congress, a huge botanical event held every few years to discuss all manner of botanical biodiversity. A big event, for sure.

  • Seoul, Korea

A return to old haunts, a laugh with a few friends from our time there from 1998-2006. Great fun, long flights, adventure, motion. Mobility is more than a state of mind, at least for the summer.


By Michael Gallagher

My name is Michael Sean Gallagher. I am a Lecturer in Digital Education at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. I am Co-Founder and Director of Panoply Digital, a consultancy dedicated to ICT and mobile for development (M4D); we have worked with USAID, GSMA, UN Habitat, Cambridge University and more on education and development projects. I was a researcher on the Near Futures Teaching project, a project that explores how teaching at The University of Edinburgh unfold over the coming decades, as technology, social trends, patterns of mobility, new methods and new media continue to shift what it means to be at university. Previously, I was the Research Associate on the NERC, ESRC, and AHRC Global Challenges Research Fund sponsored GCRF Research for Emergency Aftershock Forecasting (REAR) project. I was an Assistant Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (한국외국어대학교) in Seoul, Korea. I have also completed a doctorate at University College London (formerly the independent Institute of Education, University of London) on mobile learning in the humanities in Korea.

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