These are playlists I use for researching, writing, and learning and that were compiled in the first instance as a result of the elernenmuzik project, a project “dedicated to exploring the role that music plays in influencing, informing and inspiring learning activity. The project initially emerged from conversations between students on the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh but is open to anyone who seeks out music – any sort of music – to support their writing, reading, research, thinking, creating or other aspect of learning activity. We are interested in collecting and sharing playlists and reflections which offer insights into how music affects our learning.” There are liner notes, or rationales, for each playlist as well.

Music to Think for (e) Learners
This playlist does exactly what the title suggests: documents the music I use to think, ponder, question, etc. The liner notes can be found here.

e-amble: sounds for restorative and contemplative walking
This playlist is about the role of walking in my learning process particularly as an expat in Asia. The liner notes can be found here.

Elation, euphoria, and exhaustion: music for (post) e-learning
This playlist attempts to chronicle musically the act of creation (writing) itself and its effect on the psyche from elation to exhaustion. The liner notes can be found here.

Liquid Learning
Liner notes available with greater rationale, but this is a playlist dedicated to the role of proximity to bodies of water (rivers, primarily) in my learning process.