Emotive Earth: What I want in my data visualization on Google Earth

If I had tech skills of any sort, I would just go ahead and do this rather than blare it out into the blogosphere for anyone to have, but sharing is caring. So here is my rather simplistic request for a filter/mashup/visualization. I want to be able to do an emotive analysis geographically using Google […]

Data for Research (DfR) Quick Use Case Video

This is a quick video outlining some ways in which the new Data for Research dataset service from JSTOR could prove beneficial to researchers. [wpvideo 1v004ZN3] I double dog dare you to search for some terms looking for their academic currency. When did pan-Africanism hit the scene? Sushi enter the academic vernacular? Want to know […]

Data, the currency of academic jargon, and a corpus of 14 billion words

So let me start with the following caveat: I work for the Stor of J. There, I said it and I am proud of it. That being said, this Data for Research service mentioned below is pretty amazing, especially if you love academic literature nerdy librarian things data/statistics/factoids to impress people at parties key terms/word […]