African Anthropology: Khoisan language, Asante Stool Histories, Ceremonies

This is a video I created in 2008 to highlight some of the materials available in the collections here. It highlights some fairly amazing content and most of it hadn’t been available digitally before. The video highlights three of my favorite collections as listed below, but I include introductory text as taken from the site […]

Korean Digital Library: Review (please consider a name change) and Suggestions

In keeping with all things digital library,  I wanted to briefly mention the new Korean Digital Library that has recently opened (both online and as a physical location) that seems like a real step in the right direction. The only real problem I can sense is the comedic fodder provided by the name of the […]

The Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia and Joyce’s Ulysses

File this one under “How did I not know this was within striking distance of my home?” I stand in amazement at the number of small, medium, and large museums and archives that dot the East Coast of the United States. They are everywhere and have absolute treasure troves for those who love all things […]