Off to Insadong for some detective work for Hyun family: mobile learning in Seoul

Hyun (현 or 玄) Family Registry (호적)

Slight addendum to previous post. The Supyo address I was documenting yesterday was in fact the head of household address, ie my wife’s great-grandfather. After consulting the registry again, I am on the subway now heading to 154-3 Insadong, where my father in-law was raised. It seems to be art gallery now, quite possibly the […]

Long Island, Jay Gatzby, Siddhartha and Family

I am finishing up a weekend in Roslyn Harbor, Long Island, with my wife, father and brother in-law. It has been a surprisingly refreshing weekend full of muted adventure, understated warmth and a subtle satisfaction. In other words, it was a surprise that I enjoyed it this much. Roslyn Harbor is adjacent to many areas […]