DISQUS and Crowdsourcing Academic Data

I am not sure what exactly compelled me to write this post today aside from the fact that I had a few spare minutes to do so. I will briefly outline what we have done with a botanical database I work on and the need to generate feedback on over a million objects, objects that […]

JSTOR Plant Science videos and #mLearn2011

That title is actually two differnet topics just bunched together under one blog post. They aren’t related. Heading out to Beijing on Monday for mLearn 2011 conference (#mlearn2011) where I and several colleagues from around the world will be presenting on a recent MobiMOOC course and its applicability as a pedagogical vehicle for connectivism. Basically, […]

Plant videos and >500,000 views: personal>ephemeral

Why do I consider this to be one of my greatest professional achievements? This page of videos from various botanical organizations throughout the world taken on inexpensive (and now obsolete) Flip cameras? Taken of seemingly staid subjects (plant taxonomy) by and of people rarely filmed. Is it the fact that they are relatively tangible, almost […]

The Medicinal Uses of Plants by the Akha in Northern Thailand (via )

Since I wrote it and spent more time than I should have researching it, I decided to report it to my blog ahead of a trip to Thailand I will be taking in November. Ahead of my attending the 15th Flora of Thailand Meeting in November in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was doing a bit […]

QR codes, georeferencing tons of data, and unlocking academic energy

[slideshare id=4770540&doc=bestpracticesmmcrossplatform-100716053407-phpapp01] This Slideshare from Sidneyeve Matrix is quite good. Generally it steers towards business (rightly so), but I think it has great application to the non-profits/higher education/information services kind of space that I am currently working in. I am especially intrigued by the geospatial elements like Foursquare and it seems to be the logical […]