The Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia and Joyce’s Ulysses

File this one under “How did I not know this was within striking distance of my home?” I stand in amazement at the number of small, medium, and large museums and archives that dot the East Coast of the United States. They are everywhere and have absolute treasure troves for those who love all things […]

Webinar: Digitizing Islamic manuscripts from Timbuktu

[wpvideo KbMtVHa5] This video outlines Aluka’s efforts in 2006-2008 to digitize the Islamic manuscripts being held in Timbuktu, Mali in private libraries. The narrator is Harlan Wallach, Director of NUAMPS. The presentation goes into the technical aspects of setting up a digital lab in Timbuktu, the partnership we formed with SAVAMA (L’Organisation Non Gouvernementale pour […]