Ulysses, Imagination, and Reorienting Infinite Space

From time to time, I believe I just want to post quotes or passages that have inspired me over the years. I find this process to be a sort of meta-reflection, reflecting on what has made you reflect. In this case, the passage is from James Joyce’s Ulysses, a favorite of mine for sheer scope […]

Ulysses, The National Library of Ireland, and Medicinal Plants


Blogging on this personal level has been fairly light of late as most of my writing energy is directed towards work. On a side note, I find it is just as good as I imagined it would be to have a large part of your day directed towards writing. Writing as a blog, as a […]

The Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia and Joyce’s Ulysses

File this one under “How did I not know this was within striking distance of my home?” I stand in amazement at the number of small, medium, and large museums and archives that dot the East Coast of the United States. They are everywhere and have absolute treasure troves for those who love all things […]