The Onion, Friendster, and Digital Archaeology/Anthropology

After reading Bell’s “Community and Cyberculture” chapter, I was struck by this quote: “The study of community has been a sustained effort to think through this complex; to think about what makes a community. In a lot of cases, the way that is approached is framed around something that is perceived to be a threat […]

African Anthropology: Khoisan language, Asante Stool Histories, Ceremonies

This is a video I created in 2008 to highlight some of the materials available in the collections here. It highlights some fairly amazing content and most of it hadn’t been available digitally before. The video highlights three of my favorite collections as listed below, but I include introductory text as taken from the site […]

African Cultural Heritage as told through location

These are images taken by Dr. Heinz Ruther of the University of Cape Town from Lalibela, Ethiopia; Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania; and Djenne, Mali. Click on any of those links to learn more about their significance. They are available on the Aluka database as well as on the Aluka Flickr account.