mLearning analogy: flaneur is to bricoleur as scientist is to engineer?

This might be another post where some of you might say that you already knew that, but I am being exposed to things in this doctoral pursuit of mine and I like to share. I also like to clumsily ram every theory or term I might learn into a mobile learning framework of some sort […]

Tree of Life and a Maturity of Learning

[youtube=] I must admit my bias ahead of this post here. I adore Terence Malick. His four films, Badlands, Days of Heaven, Thin Red Line, and the New World are all favorites of mine. I love the pacing, the contrast with nature, the friction, the resolution of the struggle of humanity and nature. They are […]

Arcades Project, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Urban Cultural Heritage

The semester at the University of Edinburgh is winding up so I will be returning here to post more regularly. I am finishing the last of my projects for the semester, a (hopefully) multimodal construction on augmented reality applications used in urban cultural heritage studies. I have been quite influenced here by Walter Benjamin, specifically […]