Professor Joel Mtebe from UDSM seminar on digital teaching learning

Just a quick post to mention that my colleague Professor Joel Mtebe from the University of Dar es Salaam will be presenting at the Centre for Research in Digital Education on 19 May. The presentation Digital teaching and learning at the University of Dar es Salaam before and during the ongoing CoVID-19 pandemic: institutional memory, […]

2021: podcasts, papers, projects

More and more of my writing is being ported into different online spaces (mostly here) so it has been awhile since I posted here but that isn’t necessarily by design. I like posting here and being reminded of the sixteen years or so I have been posting to this WordPress instance (a brief interlude into […]

Transitions online and working from home

We at the University of Edinburgh, like everyone everywhere else, have been scrambling to pull everything online as best as possible this week. I have worked closely with the Learning, Teaching and the Web team to offer as much training as possible in that time and all told we were able to reach more than […]

Expanding the Teacher Function at the IT Futures Conference

My colleague Markus Breines and I will be speaking today at the IT Futures Conference at the University of Edinburgh on our project exploring the role that automation might potentially serve in teaching at the university. We will be greatly emphasising the need for values-driven participatory processes here in determining if and what that role […]

M&M Podcast Episode 4: AI utopia, dystopia and data

M&M Podcast 2

In the fourth episode of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast we imagine utopian and dystopian narratives of adoption of AI within education, exploring how AI could be used and its impact upon our community at the University of Edinburgh.

M&M Podcast #3: Definitions and Imaginaries of AI

M&M Podcast 2

In the third episode of the M&M (Michael and Myles) podcast, we try to define the different types of artificial intelligence (AI), and discuss the narratives and overall presentation of AI in the collective imagination of education (and why all of this is important). This episode was recorded on location in Simon Laurie House at […]

M&M Podcast #2: Bots and the Teacher Function

M&M Podcast 2

‘‘What would it look like if we imagine the teacher working in partnership with the code, and / or with artificial intelligence, to offer a new kind of teaching? I think we need to move away from understanding automated teaching as a response to some kind of deficit in teachers. Rather, we need to think about automation […]