New York City and mLearning Field Trips: A Day with my wife

New York, Washington Square Park

A Day in New York City: how mobile technology allowed me to narrate (ie, relate the significance beyond the activities) from Michael Gallagher on Vimeo. This post falls a little far from academic, but it still advances my general thesis that mobile technology has changed the way that we not only interact with our worlds, […]

Lower East Side Tenements & Augmented Reality: The Walls have Voices

(look closely enough to see the apparitions from the past, the modern structure inhabited with those before. Aka clumsy photo layering as a proof of concept of what augmented reality could do for learning. Images were taken from hereĀ and here). A good friend of mine, in advance of my leaving for Seoul, took me around […]

Arcades Project, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Urban Cultural Heritage

The semester at the University of Edinburgh is winding up so I will be returning here to post more regularly. I am finishing the last of my projects for the semester, a (hopefully) multimodal construction on augmented reality applications used in urban cultural heritage studies. I have been quite influenced here by Walter Benjamin, specifically […]