MobiMOOC, open learning/systems, and Communities of Practice

MobiMOOC and UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week This is a quick post mentioning some ¬†of the fantastic work that one of my ablest colleagues, Inge de Waard, is doing. I do my best work through my network and Ignatia is one of the most important nodes in that network. Truly inspiring. She put together a presentation […]

Pragmatic Mobile Technology Use in Malawi for mHealth

I have been facilitating the Week 3 Session on Mobiles for Development (M4D) for MobiMOOC and a few days ago we had a speaker from Malawi,¬†Limbanazo Kapindula, discussing mhealth projects in Malawi using FrontlineSMS. The webinar was titled “Using m-Health to Improve Access to Family Planning and Child Health Services in Malawi” and succinctly and […]

MobiMOOC 2012: (My) Learning Expectations

Friendwheel: Facebook Connections

Reflect Early and Often I think it is a critical piece of MOOC participation to critically reflect beforehand on what you want to acquire from the experience and what kind of participation you are committed to make. We all balance schedules, juggle responsibilities, and for most of us, MobiMOOC does not represent something that can […]

MobiMOOC 2012: participant expectations and (open) learning as an act of courage

MobiMOOC and chaotic connectivism We are just about ready to start the 2012 edition of MobiMOOC, an open course on mobile learning. It is an impressive lineup of facilitators and the participants are joining en masse (and the discussions are already starting). Topics include mobile learning basics (how to get started and theory), global issues […]

MOOCs, Dissemination Lags, and Overused Vocabulary

Academic Process Concept, by Jen Gallagher

This is a few different mini-posts rolled into one, but they all revolve around MOOCs so I decided to spare the reader the clickthroughs. This post discusses Distinctions between MOOCs MOOCs and Research Dissemination Lags Overused vocabulary (ie, disruptive) Distinctions between Connectivist and Institutional MOOCs George Siemens makes this case much better than I can […]

MobiMOOC: ICT4D proposed schedule and distinctions between MOOCs

Edinburgh, Coursera, and Two Kinds of MOOCs I was thrilled to see my former university, the University of Edinburgh join Coursera as announced yesterday and to see at least one of my courses from the MSc in Elearning being offered there. I am thrilled because I love the spirit of progress I see there, the […]