Video: Albert Einstein in Princeton, New Jersey

I rather enjoyed this video, Albert Einstein from Oliver Faulhaber, and thought that you might as well. In the early stages of the video, he is clearly walking through Palmer Square in Princeton, New Jersey, I am guessing relatively soon after his arrival sometime after 1933.  On a side note, I am using ifttt to […]

Last night in Princeton; reaching deep for Gatsby quotes

“The Middle West now seemed like the ragged edge of the universe”-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby That is how I view the Midwest as well, my first home. Holds some allure, but the allure of Cantonese, surgery, or imagist poetry; the allure of something you will never fully understand or master. This is perhaps […]

Google Earth, online inspiration, and not detaching on vacation

Sometimes it doesn’t all have to be about learning per se. Sometimes, one just wants to be inspired. Isn’t inspiration learning, though? Isn’t it sensemaking in the sense that one is aligning perception to include beauty? Isn’t inspiration the ultimate innovative influence? So this post is all about extending inspiration a bit. To begin with, […]

Summer of 2010: Princeton and Bright Eyes

IMG 2170

The summer is a natural time to reflect on one’s life, to see all kinds of forwards and backwards, successes and failures and all that. I will be doing none of that in this post, however. I will be reflecting on sumer itself. 1. Princeton is beautiful in the summer. I have been raving about […]

Contemplation, Vannevar Bush, and the Products of Directed Research

Manhattan Project Building

In reading Levy’s “No Time To Think” and his mention of Vannevar Bush‘s involvement in the creation of the atomic bomb, I am reminded of Princeton’s involvement in the Manhattan Project and how this was brought about by the creation of independent targeted research efforts. I first came across Vannevar Bush and his work concerning […]

A Virtual Graduation, Long Island, Ann Arbor and Motion

University of Edinburgh Virtual Graduation 11.26.2009

Wrapping up my time here in Roslyn, New York out on the Long Island and have enjoyed it. We have eaten quite well, which is always nice, but it is time to head back to Princeton and home. I attended a virtual graduation in Second Life for the University of Edinburgh and I believe it […]