Reflection and sanctuary post-writing: idiosyncratic practices to get my head on straight

Elation, euphoria, and exhaustion: music for (post) e-learning by Elektronicheslernenmuzik on Mixcloud This post is merely an excuse to demonstrate that writing, the actual action of putting text to document (digital or otherwise) is but one stage on a larger continuum of activity. Those pre-writing gestation periods of daydreaming and internal dialogues leading to research […]

Music for writing: Playlist exploring the role of music in academic writing

Music for writing

James Lamb, a friend and colleague from our years on the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh and subsequently from shared projects like Edinspace and Elektronisches Lernen Muzik, has posted recently with an excellent playlist of tracks nominated by students. Introducing Volume 2 of Music for Writing, the product of this exercise that […]

My 2013 in Media: Images, Sounds, Video, and a Playlist

My Preamble I generally do this at the end of the year or when I am making a major departure or something along those lines, but this is the latest version of end of year retrospective. 2013 was a bouncy year, some great things, some disillusionment, and some real progress in unexpected ways. My research […]

Korean music from another time: Navigating the turbulent 20th century

윤심덕 :윤심덕, 사의 찬미(1926) Korean singer,Yun-Simduk

This falls well outside my normal range of topics, but I wanted to demonstrate that it isn’t always about mobile learning around here (but it is always about context). I had stumbled across three different Korean singers from the early 20th century (1926, 1930, 1936 to be precise) that left their mark on Korean culture. […]

Multimodal Composition and Figure App

[vimeo 61294390] I wanted to add another tool to the mobile toolkit I use for multimodal composition in keeping with a prior post, so consider this post more an addendum to that mobile toolkit post. I have been toying a lot recently with audio applications that allow for composition, including Garage Band Air, Scape, Trope, Bloom […]

Elernenmuzik and (ambient) audio as enhancing learning online

Music to (e)learn by by Elektronicheslernenmuzik on Mixcloud Note: go ahead and listen to the playlist above while reading, if you are so inclined. I listened to it as I wrote this. I explain it below a bit. Elernenmuzik and Audio in Elearning As I sit on the peripheries of a few different MOOCs (Elearning […]