Self-publishing lessons learned: formats, platforms, reading preferences

It has been about a week since I published my ebook on mobile learning, enough time to start to wade through some of the feedback I have been receiving, edit and republish as needed, and start to get a coherent sense of what I would do differently the next time around. I am providing some […]

Ebook on Mobile Learning: Chapters, Content, and Final Formatting

Korean Market remixed

My illustrator sister and I are put the finishing touches on my ebook on mobile learning in the Humanities. A final review will take place on Monday and I will be uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Tuesday. According to the information on the KDP website, it will be set to appear 12 hours […]

Self-plagiarism and self-publishing: my take

Shadwell overlooking the Thames, London

I am in the finishing stages of editing my ebook and working with my sister to produce relevant illustrations to convey some of the meaning. I will do one more editing pass, will format it towards Kindle specifications, will generate high-res versions of the illustrations, and eventually load the entire work to Amazon (as a […]

Generating eBook(let)s, OER blogging, and new site design

iBooks Author

Site Changes I suppose I should have done this a few weeks ago to let everyone know that I was changing around my site, but it came as a surprise to me as well (the urgency in which it happened). I had bought some hosting space, installed a WordPress instance there, and was toying with […]