Kiva Visualization: 5 years of fluid funding; social interaction, trust

Nothing much by way of explanation, but just a fantastic visualization of Kiva lending and repayment over the last five years (taken from this blog). This was recommended to me by the same friend who took me to the Tenement Museum (the subject of the previous post) the other day, so he is proving himself […]

Networks and connections as mooring and celestial navigation: motivation

As soon as questions of will or decision or reason or choice of action arise, human science is at a loss. -Noam Chomsky I have been posting quite a bit on online networks, social networks, and the like mostly because I miss my wife. But from human emotion can come realizations, however simplistic. Less of […]

Catfish, Social Network and Artistic Representations of Digital Culture

There are two films coming out soon that seem to be some of the initial attempts to create narratives specifically from social media, namely the culture that exists within social media and in general online. Both seem to adhere to the William Gibson dystopia version of online culture having negative implications, but to their credit, […]