My thesis: mLearning in South Korean higher education

I recently completed my thesis (as in I just sent in the revised version yesterday) so I now have a PhD from University College London. Or at least it will be official once all the paperwork is done, but that is more or less out of my hands at this point. Long journey that will […]

Winding down the PhD Journey: Post-Viva Acknowledgments

Gallagher Thesis

I should have written this last week but I successfully defended my thesis at the Institute of Education University College London. It will take a stretch to process all of this, particularly as I am attending to the edits which should keep me occupied for the next month or so. Before I can whittle the […]

Institute of Education merging with University College, London: my take

My university, Institute of Education, is merging with/into UCL. UCL-IoE strategic partnership: — Michael Gallagher (@mseangallagher) February 5, 2014 I received word from a university email that my doctoral university, the Institute of Education is merging with University College, London. I don’t have particularly strong feelings about this merger, or at least strong enough […]