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Posted by on Nov 28, 2005

Coming home

Simple pleasure
of returning home

the adulthood of knowing
my lady will not return with me

here we are
listening to music
and counting the days

talking about children
and getting restless

going for a walk
and you hook your arm around mine
and we are one

I am not scared anymore
I see the future
and I am not scared

My past no longer haunts me,
most days,
I am complete

Occasionally, I fracture
we all fracture from time to time
and that is fine
All well and good

Humpty Dumpty had a problem
It isn’t mine
I am broken and then whole
whole and then cracked

The way life wants me to be
The way God wants me to be

I know a sturdy whole
by studying the splinters

I learn the details
through a patchwork tapestry

I look at the endless November sky
, tinged with an enticing danger,
and prepare to return home

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1 Comment

  1. beautiful mikey…really do you want to comet o Federico’s defense on monday? i am gonig too- he said yuo can just go with him…and stay with us that nightanyways, i will be at the airport to pik you up!

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