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Posted by on Nov 1, 2009

Tis the season for swag

Autumn. The season where the leaves change color, fall clothes are taken out of semi-retirement and the air chills just enough to make thoughts crisper, sharper, more in focus.

And for my line of work, it is also the season for academic conferences. So, this week I will be heading off to the American Association of School Librarians Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is an interesting mix of secondary school librarians, passionate techies, people intentionally and pragmatically looking to redefine the influence of their profession. More power to them.

I enjoy dealing with the secondary school crowd after spending most of my time in higher education. They are very approachable, very enthused (very) and just plain old pleasant people. Always quick with a smile and a laugh. So, it should be good and we will have a little swag to hand out. I am looking forward to having some good conversations about the secondary school community and how we can work with them more. Should be fun.

That being said, blogging will be light for the week. I will be relying on Twitter to post from the exhibition floor with #aasl09.

IMG 7214

Me in my living room admiring my cassoulet

On an unrelated note, I made cassoulet the other night. It is a kind of stew with lamb, duck, pork, sausage, beans and vegetables slow cooked over a course of three or four hours. It was absolutely brilliant. I think when I cook that is my way of expelling some of that creative energy that I used to write through. Now, I cook. The evolution of Michael Gallagher continues. I would still like to write some poetry, though as I do miss it.

IMG 7208

Cassoulet in a Le Creuset on a Friday

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  1. Haha! I recognized the Creuset even before I read the caption! Niiiiceeeeee!

    Have fun at the conference, btw! ^^

    • Thanks, Melissa! BTW, I sent a Google Wave invite your way, but there is a bit of a lag. Let me know when you get it as I am curious as to how quick they are rolling out each successive cycle.

      Also, be sure to check out new pics coming soon of blue cheese crust beef (please forgive me if you are vegetarian), blue cheese mashed potatoes (simply wonderful) and steamed broccoli. Absolutely brilliant. This is what I do in my 30s that poetry used to do for me.

      Take care and good luck with the rock-climbing!

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