Apparently, I will be living to roughly age 79, which means I have slightly more days ahead of me than behind me. I am alright with that as it has been a good ride through this life. If I have approximately another 15,000 days ahead of me, imagine what adventures I can have. On a side note, this is a rather sublime instance of technology reminding the intellect of the physical decay. With such constant reinforcement of mortality and presumably with DNA tests around the corner that will let us know with some degree of accuracy when we will die, one wonders what wrinkle this places on religion and spirituality. How does knowing reinforce acceptance or does it evade acknowledgement of its own end? Will we simply thrust headlong into medical technology and extension of life? I am alright knowing I will die at 78 or 79. It supplies me structure, a finite structure that I will in turn withdraw urgency from. An urgency to do what I want to do now.

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