Ideas and identities in liminality

Inspired by the collective intelligence of my network (awe-inspired is probably more accurate), I have been thinking a bit about ideas and the creative process, motivation, and the effect of all of this on identity. Identities and Fence Straddling: Liminality I have to admit that academically and intellectually I have tended to steer clear from […]

James Brown and the Original Video Tutorial

For lack of a better term, this is incredible. ┬áIs this not the greatest tutorial video ever produced? It gives a great indication of an artist who knows his audience, knows his appeal, and knows exactly what they want to extract from him. His James Brown-iness. It goes right at the heart and doesn’t let […]

Creativity and how its definition has changed to me

Venetian sunset and the Vaporetto

I have a few brainstorming sessions slated for today at work on directions for a project I am working on and it made me pause for a second on what it means to be creative. I also just walked through James Geary’s TED Prezi Presentation on Mixing Mind and Metaphor and was inspired (hence me […]

Jim Jarmusch on Creativity

This is a quote form filmmaker (and Akron, Ohio native) Jim Jarmusch on the creative process. I think resonates quite well in this participatory, social media kind of world. Creativity is no longer (not sure it ever was) an isolated experience. It is a response to stimuli, to input, to inspiration so get out there […]

Sir Ken Robinson and TED: Creativity in Education and Drawing God

Sir Ken Robinson in this video is speaking about education and how it squanders creativity. The most convincing sequence, in my opinion, is when he speaks about the future and what exactly we are preparing our children for. A children born this minute will have their careers span from about 2030 to about 2070 or […]