mLearning eBook, illustrations available

As the end of the year approaches, I decided, well, to write this blog post. Grades have been turned in, the semester is officially over, and here I am churning through a few papers and chapters that won’t see the light of day until sometime in 2015, as well as an upcoming London presentation for […]

Self-publishing lessons learned: formats, platforms, reading preferences

It has been about a week since I published my ebook on mobile learning, enough time to start to wade through some of the feedback I have been receiving, edit and republish as needed, and start to get a coherent sense of what I would do differently the next time around. I am providing some […]

Ebook now available on Mobile Learning in the Humanities

Ebook on Mobile Learning This ebook on mobile learning field activities in the humanities is now available via Amazon. To go to the product page, please click the image below. This will direct you to the US store, but it is available through Amazon in the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, India (and […]

Ebook on Mobile Learning: Chapters, Content, and Final Formatting

Korean Market remixed

My illustrator sister and I are put the finishing touches on my ebook on mobile learning in the Humanities. A final review will take place on Monday and I will be uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on Tuesday. According to the information on the KDP website, it will be set to appear 12 hours […]

History and mLearning: meaning assembled and perpetually emerging

Remix of Cheapside, City of London

Process of Coming to Know I was just putting the finishing touches to this ebook on mobile learning in the Humanities and am finding that some of my thoughts on how mobile learning stimulates the study of history (in particular) are crystallizing. So much so that I want to go back and rewrite some of […]

New publications, ebook formatting, illustrations, and self-publishing

Sketch of mobile learning

  This is a bit of a hodgepodge of a post, an attempt to pull together some disparate bits into one post rather than bombard those subscribing to this site by email. It mentions a few new publications that I have co-authored as well as the final stages of preparing the ebook I have been […]