Teaching Coding to Kids: Caveats and Initiatives from Africa and Asia

Reposting here from Panoply Digital. Teaching coding to children is, if press reports are to be believed, an educational imperative, some sort of literacy that children can’t live without in the 21st century. We see initiatives throughout the world in the UK (with the express goal of creating a ‘code-literate’ society), the EU, and elsewhere, […]

Posterous (et al) for mobile learning

Ghana Accra 2008 203

In response to one of the learning activities for the #MobiMOOC course being conducted now (wiki or follow #MobiMooc or the Google Group), I am attempting in this post to show how I would use an mlearning tool (QR code, audio/video) for learning. I had done some work awhile back on creating a skeleton of […]

Micro-reflection: Mobile=feedback loop

Some comments on my recent blog post from Ivan @iwannt about how the term I used “micro-reflection” relates to connectivism had me thinking a bit. I like a term “micro-reflection”. When I read this post first time, the term reminded me the concept of granularization of interaction, described by George Siemens here: I would have to […]

#mobiMOOC: Impact of mlearning

I am participating in the mobiMOOC open course for mobile learning development available at and it seemed a natural enough time to reflect on my relationship to mobility as a learning construct, as a facet of learning itself. I began to take stock of all the ways in which mobile itself is infused in my […]