AI in ICT4D: Accumulated Advantage, Data Driven Bias, Invisibility, and Ethical Care

Reposting here from Panoply Digital. Optimistic Take With artificial intelligence (and perhaps with all things technological), we as humans seem to run the gamut between dystopian visions of complete AI takeover and dysfunction (think HAL) and utopian daydreams of gracious ubiquity where personal assistants attend to the less pleasant aspects of daily life (think every […]

Mobile Learning in an Age of Surveillance: The Subversive

Surveillance graffiti

In keeping with my previous post on smart cities and embedding unpleasant history, my other recent research interest in mobile learning is surveillance, ethics, and privacy. In my more pessimistic, but thankfully rare, manifestations, I think the ship has sailed on privacy and the right to not be surveilled. To be seen is the default […]

Research ethics in education: My take

I always have at least five papers in outline form on my computer. All sitting there highly visible, a constant reminder to keep writing (and blogging, apparently). I have noticed that there are several that never get finished (or even started) as the idea might have lost some currency, or my interest is piqued by […]

NLC and BERA 2014 submissions: mobile learning, simultaneity, and ethics

That was a very disparate collection of items in that title, but it wasn’t false advertising. I am in the midst of writing season and the attendant paper and conference submissions that accompany them. I wanted to share a few of these as I think they are quite related to the broadening of mobile learning. […]

Reflection on research ethics in mobile or tech-enabled learning in the Korean context

Ewha Girls' High School

.@johntraxler goes *way* beyond #privacy w this great comment on ethics & tech-enabled learning. — Linda Raftree (@meowtree) November 15, 2013 I stumbled across the above tweet from @meowtree (aka, Linda Raftree) and was intrigued by a few of the points that John Traxler raised in the comments. John always brings a voice to […]